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Modern Ideas for Tile Backsplash

Modern Ideas for Tile Backsplash

Ready to improve the look of your kitchen with a new, modern backsplash? Tradesmen Home, one of the top home improvement companies in Baltimore, is here to help. If you are still in the planning phase, we have some style ideas to get your backsplash project off on the right foot.

Color and Texture: The Secret Ingredients of Design

If an otherwise monochromatic kitchen can use a splash of color; the backsplash could be the perfect place for a tasteful shade. Glass, ceramic, and tile all offer the opportunity for color. Stone can add warm tones of grays, creams, and brown to the room, and neutral colors will help make even the most modern-looking tile feel homey. Choosing one color (no pattern or texture) and clean-lined tile for the backsplash in a smaller kitchen keeps the look uncluttered and roomy.

When it comes to texture, go with what feels good. Flat-front tile sets the stage for modern touches throughout the kitchen and lends a feeling of energy and freshness. However, you may also want to mix in a tile with an interesting texture. While natural stone has been in fashion for many years, linen is an unexpected addition to the kitchen backsplash.

Layering and Tile Size: A New Perspective

Do you have white bead board covering your kitchen backsplash that needs a modern update? Layering one material over another on the backsplash creates a layered look that inspires conversation. Layering marble, tile and wood can add dimension and character to a kitchen.

Get ready to introduce another design dimension to your kitchen by changing the size of the tiles used in the backsplash. Slender glass tiles make the kitchen glow with modernity. You don’t have to go with tiles, either. When you want a clean, contemporary look, consider going with a single sheet of glass, painted with a complementary color. How chic!

When it comes to a kitchen backsplash update, your choice is limited only to your budget and taste. Once you have an idea of what you might like, it’s time to call in the experts to give a fair quote on time and cost. Ready for your modern backsplash to be installed? Contact the professionals at Tradesmen Home for more information.


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