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Home Remodeler in Maryland Recommends When to Consider Radiant Heat

Home Remodeler in Maryland Recommends When to Consider Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is an in-floor heating system, which is really the simplest way to describe the luxury heating solution. Radiant heat rises from the floor, so that you heat your house from the bottom up. It also allows you to keep your feet warm on a cold day, which can in turn keep the rest of your body warm. The installation of radiant heat can drive up the value of your home, or simply make your home more comfortable for you.

Best Places for Radiant Heat in Your Home

While radiant heating can be eco-friendly since it is aligned with the principle of heat rising, it is not a great idea for every area in your home. Carpet absorbs heat, so do not attempt to place radiant heating in a room that has wall-to-wall carpet. However, tiled floors are excellent places for radiant heat since the heat easily travels upwards through the tile. As a bonus, tile tends to be cold and uncomfortable, so adding heat is a welcome change. Bathrooms, kitchens, mud rooms, or wooden floor areas in living areas are great places for radiant heat.

Wet vs Dry Radiant Heat Installation

There are two main ways to install radiant heat: wet or dry installation. Much like the name implies, wet installation is done while the concrete is still wet and the radiant heat is placed in the concrete. This is primarily done during new builds. Dry installation, on the other hand, involves installing the radiant heating the subfloor. In any case, the radiant heat panels always sit below the finished flooring. Dry installation is generally the choice for putting radiant heat into existing homes, but sometimes it will be used for new installations as well. While the process is not extremely tricky, it can be hard for someone that does not have any prior construction experience.

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