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Masonry Contractor in Baltimore Shares Modern Walkway Ideas

Masonry Contractor in Baltimore Shares Modern Walkway Ideas

Stone masonry involves creating walkways using natural stone. It is a time-tested type of construction that is still used in many homes. When properly installed and maintained, structures constructed with stone masonry can last for decades. A masonry project begins with quarrymen splitting rocks and cutting them to size. Then our contractors strategically create and execute design templates to create beautiful walkways.

How Can a Beautiful Stone Walkway Increase the Value of Your Home?

Stone walkways and driveways give a natural, yet sophisticated aesthetic to any outdoor space. They make the home look more inviting. Also, stone walkways can be versatile. They can be used as a front walkway or a back patio, along driveways and around pools.

Many different types of rocks are used in stone masonry, including igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. Granite is a favorite since it is one of the hardest stones and is typically used in projects that require strength. Slate is also a favorite material, especially with projects that need fine detail. Sometimes stones are used on grass or sand to make walkways or stamped into the ground for a textured look.

Stone masonry is one of the world’s oldest trades. However, it is a refined process that requires careful planning and execution by a skilled contractor. The modern stone masonry worker is a combination of a quarryman, sawyer, mason and carver. They go through comprehensive training that helps them forge an intimate understanding of each stone type, its applications and best uses. In the hands of a skilled contractor stone walkways will be completed with suitable materials. And, most importantly, designed to fit the preferences of the homeowner.

The Tradesmen Home Advantage

Whether you want a walkway or a new driveway, Tradesmen Home will manage your stone masonry project. We collaborate with homeowners on the materials and final design. With over a decade of experience, Tradesmen Home has been the go-to contractor for masonry and concrete projects. Contact us today.


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