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Dress Up a Retaining Wall with Beautiful Stone or Brick

Dress Up a Retaining Wall with Beautiful Stone or Brick

Homeowners everywhere find themselves needing a retaining wall to keep their property in optimum shape. While they serve a vital function, retaining walls are often very plain, lacking in any style whatsoever. The rest of your gorgeous property need not suffer any longer from a dull retaining wall, however. There are some great options available to beautify any retaining wall.

Why Retaining Walls Are So Important

Property is rarely flat. The seemingly small hills and valleys can cause the land to erode as rain pours down. What can you do to keep your property from disappearing? Probably the best defense you have as a homeowner is the installation of a retaining wall. Retaining walls are placed at the outermost point of the erosion issue, creating a barrier against gravity.

How to Create an Attractive Retaining Wall

In the past, many homeowners were so happy that their parcel of land was saved by the retaining wall that they paid no attention to how it looked. Today, we have choices that formerly weren’t available which turn an unsightly retaining wall into a unique and attractive addition to your property. Choosing brick or stone gives the wall an interesting look and texture that adds to the appearance of your home, while still providing the same erosion protection. A block core wall, constructed from concrete masonry units (CMU), can can be instantly transformed with a brick or stone veneer. The veneer can consist of a thin veneer, a half-width, or a full brick. This popular method is a less expensive option than erecting a wall entirely of brick or stone, in both labor and materials. You will still need a team of professionals in charge, to make certain the work will withstand harsh weather conditions for many years to come. So, how do you ensure that you choose the best company for the job?

Trust Tradesmen Home for a Retaining Wall You’ll Be Proud to Show

When you need a dependable masonry company in Baltimore, MD to enhance your retaining wall with brick or stone, rely on the professionals at Tradesmen Home. We provide a comprehensive list of masonry services, along with landscaping, construction of drives and walkways, and many other construction services. Count on Tradesmen Home for the highest quality and best products available. Contact our representatives today for more information on brick and stone veneers to create a lovely retaining wall.


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